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Address:Dalian Ganjingzi Maoyingzi Beihai Industrial Park
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     The company's existing front-line workers in the operation 70 people, including technical backbone 8; combination of "5S management mechanism" through employee performance appraisal, colleague evaluation, accreditation and other effective incentive mechanism, and constantly strengthen internal staff affinity, cohesion and create a good, harmonious working around. "Quality is the root, talent is the" idea is to mix the management of companies in which each layer. We have always believed: talent is, regardless of the type of job, as long as their work is the sense of competent personnel. In Omi, the staff of life, values, and worldview has been sublimated, "plant my glory, factory bad my shame," the joint thinking in Omi people 's mind; Today every one Omi staff are full of passion for work closely unite on the company's development path, toward a higher update courageously advance the strategic goals! 
     Employees slogan "to become masters, pragmatic and heavy study and practice!"